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New Coastal Vacations Sales Center Make Success Easier!

New Coastal Vacations Sales Center Make Success Easier!

The New Coastal Vacations Sales Center offers intensive marketing training to new coastal directors to help them generate prospects that the sales center then follows up with. The sales center has open an opportunity to the not sale oriented people have a life style they never dream of by closing the sales for them. It has been called the Best Real Home Business opportunity available.

Daytona Beach, FL (PRWEB) August 24, 2006

Much like traditional brick and mortar businesses, home-based business owners face the big task of getting to profitability before the capital runs out. With work-at-home entrepreneurs, it can be even more challenging due to limited budgets and the need to learn a large number of new skills very quickly.

“I knew how great Coastal was but had the fear must people have, selling to people. When I found the Sale Center it was match made in heaven!” commented Kiwy Garcia.

The Coastal Vacations Club Sales Center (CVCSC) helps new entrepreneurs by handling all the selling and training activities of the new business. The new work from home entrepreneur just needs to market and nothing else. The highly trained sales professional at the coastal call center do all the selling for the new entrepreneur.

“It was a great relief to know that I didn’t have to cold people all day long and then try to convince them to join me. I had tried a traditional MLM company before and I hated that part of it,” said Kiwy. The CVCSC does 90% to 95% of the work for the new entrepreneur. The primary responsibility of the entrepreneur is to create leads that will call the sales center. Post cards, pay-per-click advertising, newspaper classified ads, voice broadcast, leads and many other methods can be used. Comprehensive training is provided to help everyone get off to a good start. Coastal Vacations Club is an 11-year-old association of entrepreneurs who sell wholesale vacation packages. Directors earn $1000 - $9,705 per transaction.

The packages include trips and accommodations from major companies in the travel industry, including: Carnival Cruise, Marriott, Alamo, Access, and many more. The Coastal Vacations Club Sales Center was launched in February 2005 and opened up its doors to other Coastal Directors like Kiwy Garcia and his team in April 2005. More information can be found at www. bestcoastalincome. com or call 1-800-378-1169 #8304KG. For more information about these developments, please contact Kiwy Garcia.


Hackers On Planet Earth Conference Looking for Participants

Hackers On Planet Earth Conference Looking for Participants

HOPE Number Six (www. hopenumbersix. net) is this summer's hacker conference sponsored by 2600 Magazine. Presenters and artists from all nationalities and disciplines are again invited to participate in this forum. HOPE Number Six covers all aspects of hacking, the community surrounding it, and its effects across the world. For three days, The Hotel Pennsylvania will be the nexus of discussion, planning, and activity for hacker ideas, opportunities, and understanding.

New York, New York (PRWEB) May 9, 2006

HOPE Number Six (www. hopenumbersix. net) is this summer's hacker conference sponsored by 2600 Magazine. Presenters and artists from all nationalities and disciplines are again invited to participate in this forum. HOPE Number Six covers all aspects of hacking, the community surrounding it, and its effects across the world. For three days, The Hotel Pennsylvania will be the nexus of discussion, planning, and activity for hacker ideas, opportunities, and understanding.

There are several ways to participate:

  •   Speak: Presentation ideas should be submitted with a synopsis of the topic along with presenter bio, and will be chosen by relevance and peer review. Panels, talks, tutorials, debates, or other types of presentations are all welcome. Most presentations will be 55 minutes.
  •   Interact: Demonstrations of new and interesting technologies or system elements as well as artistic exhibits are welcome. We have 20,000 square feet of presentation space to fill, so projects of all sizes will be considered. Robots, Segways, Legos, RFID, digital graffiti -- submit your creative ideas!
  •   Display: All sorts of presentations, demos, workshops, classes, posters, and other ways of sharing information are encouraged. Space and time will be provided to accommodate proposals.
  •   Sell: Space is also available for vendors. Prospects should describe their group and the items they are selling. Vendors are chosen by relevance to the conference topic and organization size.

Topics related to all aspects of hackers and hacking are welcome. In past years, sessions have included these themes:

  •   New technologies
  •   Effects of new laws and business models
  •   Hackers and activism
  •   Telephone systems
  •   Radio communication
  •   Intelligence gathering
  •   Lockpicking
  •   Privacy
  •   System internals vulnerabilities
  •   Copy protection
  •   Governments
  •   Strong crypto
  •   Data exchange
  •   Voting systems
  •   Social engineering
  •   Programming techniques
  •   Hacker Ethics
  •   Stories from K-12
  •   Surveillance
  •   Systems administration
  •   Worms and viruses
  •   The man and how to avoid him
  •   Information privacy
  •   International cooperation
  •   Peer to peer networks
  •   Wireless
  •   Culture jamming
  •   Low-power radio
  •   Black hats and white hats
  •   Cyberterrorism and cyber protests
  •   Teaching hacking
  •   The media

Other topics are welcome, especially those offering fresh views and new variants on old themes. Submissions should be sent to speakers @ and include names (or aliases) and email addresses in addition to the information requested above.

Conference planning is ongoing throughout the spring, so submit your ideas or suggestions as early as possible. Late proposals will be considered only if space is still available.

For more information about HOPE Number Six, check the web pages at www. hopenumbersix. net. These pages provide opportunities to volunteer, as well as information about travel, the hotel, and more specific info on speakers, tutorials, and the many activities that will be ongoing.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Distributed Consumer Rating Company RateItAll Secures Funding

Distributed Consumer Rating Company RateItAll Secures Funding

Next generation consumer rating company RateItAll, Inc. - powered by widgets, apps, and APIs - secures funding from top Silicon Valley angels and seed funds.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 21, 2008

RateItAll, a distributed consumer rating web application that allows users to find, share and solicit opinions on any topic, has announced that it has secured an undisclosed amount of funding from a number of top Silicon Valley angel investors and seed funds. Investors include Accelerator Ventures, JAIC America, Pacific I&T Ventures, and Eric Di Benedetto. The primary use of funds will be to improve the site's UI and to continue to execute its distributed rating model, leveraging widgets, applications, and APIs.

"The consumer rating landscape is hopelessly fragmented," says RateItAll CEO and co-founder Lawrence Coburn. "Consumers shouldn't have to visit multiple sites with multiple logins to find and share opinions on the things that they are passionate about."

By making its service available anywhere via applications on popular social networks, embeddable read / write widgets, and its APIs, RateItAll plans to free up its consumer review content and functionality so that it can easily be added to any website.

"Working with minimal resources, RateItAll has already achieved significant traction both in terms of destination site traffic and ratings engagement," says Eric Di Benedetto. "I look forward to seeing what they can do with some funding."

In addition to being able to rate and review virtually anything, visitors to RateItAll. com may also create and manage their own ratings channels (e. g. Best Tech Blog). Revenue is shared with content contributors via the Google AdSense API.

"I find the economics behind RateItAll's distinctive brand of user generated content very compelling," says Accelerator Ventures' Managing Director Alexander Lloyd. "Not only are users posting monetizable reviews, they are also creating the ratings categories themselves."

There were approximately 1M visits to RateItAll. com in May, and the number of ratings posted per month has grown by approximately 1000% since February.

About RateItAll
Based in San Francisco, RateItAll is a distributed consumer rating community where visitors can find and share opinions on virtually any topic. All of the site's content is available for syndication via widgets, and RateItAll members share in the advertising revenue associated with their reviews. RateItAll's mission is to power the distributed exchange of the world's opinions.

About Accelerator Ventures
Accelerator Ventures (AV) is a San Francisco-based Venture Capital fund that invests in early stage technology companies. Founded by Alexander Lloyd, AV brings to entrepreneurs its strong understanding of technology, capital, and venture market intelligence. AV actively helps with financing strategy, finding partnerships, customer introductions and management team development. AV invests at the earliest stage of capital raising and seeks to leverage its domain expertise to take its portfolio companies up along the path toward liquidity. AV leverages its network of angel investors, early stage funds and venture capital firms in order to meet the funding needs of early stage startups. AV invests in world-class ideas and helps make them into reality.

About JAIC America
JAIC America is a fully owned subsidiary of Tokyo-based Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 1999, JAIC America has invested in Information Technology and Life Science start-ups including GCT Semiconductor, Mediaplex, ScanR, Micrus, and Avantis Medical Device.

About Eric Di Benedetto
Eric Di Benedetto has been a professional investor in software start-ups for the last two decades. The aggregate market capitalization of companies Eric sponsored has reached several billion dollars. After a successful career as a venture capitalist, Eric established ActiveStarts as an angel investment firm focused on the coaching and financing needs of emerging software entrepreneurs. Eric's portfolio companies include Chegg, ClairMail, LendingClub, RapLeaf, RealTravel and Plastyc.


Discover Scenic, Hip Iceland Travelers Want to Experience Viking Country to Share Their Story First

Discover Scenic, Hip Iceland Travelers Want to Experience Viking Country to Share Their Story First

Los Angeles (PRWEB) August 18, 2005

How many people do you know have been to Iceland? For the seasoned traveler who has already “been there and done that” all over the world, Iceland offers globetrotters an off the radar appeal, according to the experts at ALL-TRAVEL. com, the leading provider of personalized travel services to the greater Los Angeles area.

“Since travel is as much about the bragging rights as it is the experience, everyone wants to be the first in their group to go somewhere no one else has been,” explained Eric Maryanov, president of ALL-TRAVEL. com. “In this fast-paced, ever-shrinking world, this can often be a challenge. So these days, travelers are heading off to Iceland.”

Whether itÂ’s the casual, outdoorsy appeal of soft adventure, the scenic wonders of a country molded by centuries-old volcanoes and glaciers, or a sense of safety far away from terrorist activity, curiosity about the Viking-land has piqued in a big way. This is not an over-the-top luxury vacation, nor a Third World country roughing it experience. Iceland is part of Europe and is todayÂ’s latest travel treasure to be discovered, said Maryanov.

Minimally marketed without commercialized chain hotels and American retailers, Iceland sits on the edge of the Arctic Circle. It is the least populated country in Europe, and only recently became noticed as a destination in its own right. Although a long way to travel and with only one airline to get there, Iceland is a fascinating place that is quickly gaining momentum among travelers looking for a unique, new adventure.

With the unexpectedly cosmopolitan capital city of Reykjavik, where most Icelanders live, and its similar yet smaller sister city of Akureyri, Iceland offers visitors stylish shops and restaurants, and a hip nightlife and bar scene. Reykjavik also boasts cinemas, museums and galleries, an opera, symphony orchestra and dance company.

Then there’s the scenic beauty of this welcoming country, said Maryanov, “served to travelers by the glacier-full.” Sitting atop one of the world’s most volcanically active hotspots, Iceland is the combination of water and ice, wind and fire. Its organically bubbling hot springs, rugged coastal inlets, and dormant lava and ash deserts headline the country as a main attraction for wilderness lovers of all ages. Hiking, camping, whale-watching, snowmobiling and more are all possible in the many national parks throughout Iceland.

Perhaps the largest tourist attraction of Iceland, outside of the city-life of Reykjavik, is the picturesque Lake Mývatn. Surrounded by volcanic activity and home to numerous species of duck and waterfowl, the waterfalls and gorges, glaciers and fjords present outdoor and photo opportunities galore. For serious adventurers, the barren interior of Iceland is an exciting excursion. Although Maryanov advises travelers to go with an experienced guide who is familiar with the unique personality of the terrain.

“Get going because before you realize it, travelers you know will be rushing to become the first on the block to visit this Artic outpost and win bragging rights,” said Maryanov. “They’ll also have the photos to prove it.”


Since 1984, ALL-TRAVEL. com is the leading provider of personalized travel services to the greater Los Angeles area. Based on the Westside, ALL-TRAVEL. com has knowledgeable travel experts in offices serving Santa Clarita Valley and the South Bay. For more information call ALL-TRAVEL. com, CST # 101583410, toll-free at 800.225.3614, or visit award-winning www. all-travel. com.


"COMMEMORATING VIETNAM!" Celebrating "The 30th Anniversary of The End of The Vietnam War"

"COMMEMORATING VIETNAM!" Celebrating "The 30th Anniversary of The End of The Vietnam War"

An American based company has received Internet domain registration rights to Vietnam and plans to honor a Vietnam Veteran and the 30th Anniversary of the End of the Vietnam War.

(PRWEB) February 16, 2004

HI-TEK, Inc. & WorldTradeShow. com, Inc. hosting Vietnam's Internet 2004 Travel/Trade Promotion & Investment Forum "Vietnam's 30th Anniversary as a New Nation"

WHEN - Friday, February 20, 2003, 6:30 P. M. (cocktails) 7:00 -8:30 p. m. Program (Dinner and Short program starts at 7:00 p. m. - space is limited Please RSVP. **** ((Attending media: RSVP at Vietnam@WorldTradeShow. com ))

WHERE - Beverly Hills Hilton Trader Vic's Restaurant 9876 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA, 90210

WHO - Cong. Medal of Valor Vietnam Veteran John Baca, San Diego, CA

Robin Williams, Actor & Star of: "Good Morning Vietnam" - invited

Arnold Schwarzenegger, California Governor--invited

Cary Schuman & partial cast, Actor, TV's "Happy Days" - confirmed

Barry Sedlik, Manager, World Trade Center Assn. LA/Long Beach - confirmed

Don Knabe, Los Angeles County Supervisor-invited

Gary Townsend, Chief Dept. Assessor, LA Count Assessor-confirmed

Sheldon Silverman, CEO, WorldTradeShow. com--confirmed

Thomas Johnson, Chairman, HI-TEK, Inc,-confirmed

Dr. Lai Nguyen Tuong, Director, Vietnam National Adm. of Tourism - invited

Nguyen Manh Hung, Consul General, Consulate General of Vietnam - invited

Nguyen Le Thuy, Director, Vietnam Internet Network Information Center - invited

Dr. Pham Tat Thang, General Director, Vietnam's Ministry of Trade - invited

Jose Antonio Estrada, President, Mexicali - Mexico Tourism Board - confirmed

Cesar Jaugeri, President, Ensenada - Mexico Tourism Board - confirmed

Javier Peniche Bustamante, President, Tijuana - Mexico Tourism Board - confirmed

Ph:(310) 276-6345 Media attending must RSVP with PR@MayoCommunications. com

BACKGROUND - WorldTradeShow. com, Inc. www. WorldTradeShow. com) and HI-TEK, Inc. (www. Hi-Tek. com) are hosting a special event to recognize and pay tribute to "Vietnam's 30th Anniversary as a New Nation". Thomas Johnson, who was born in Vietnam and whose father was killed by friendly fire during the War has recently been authorized the exclusive rights to provide Internet services for all of Vietnam, which has nearly three million Internet users and 90 million people in a country that has a literacy rate of 97%, equal to the United States.

The Vietnam Promotion and Investment Conference has invited more than 40 qualified trade government officials, Internet & IT/Telecommunications executives, investment venture groups and Tourism Boards from the U. S., Vietnam and Mexico.

Global trade shows is a $2 trillion business. WorldTradeShow. com (WTSW) is implementing the latest Virtual Trade show experience via the Internet. The Company is currently producing cutting edge technology for secure online virtual trade shows servicing the travel/tourism and import/export industries in the U. S., Mexico and Vietnam.

"We're eliminating the global digital divide," said Chairman Thomas Johnson, HI-TEK, Inc. "We're also educating the rest of the world."

Media wanting advanced interviews should contact:: George McQuade 818.340.5300 or 818.618.9229 www. MayoCommunications. com.

Global Resort Homes Responds to Premier Vacation Homes Closing Their Doors

Global Resort Homes Responds to Premier Vacation Homes Closing Their Doors

Global Resort Homes, an Orlando Management Company, gives options to guests and homeowners affected by Premier Vacation Homes.

Kissimmee, FL (PRWEB) February 21, 2010

Global Resort Homes, an Orlando Vacation Home Company, has been receiving calls regarding Premier Vacation Homes closing their doors. Vacationers and homeowners alike are uncertain of what is in store for them. "This is a very unfortunate situation for everyone involved," said Guy Bouchard, owner of Global Resort Homes.

Global Resort Homes manages homes in Windsor Hills, Windsor Palms, Emerald Island and Vista Cay. They are currently looking to expand its inventory of rental homes and is interested in speaking with homeowners having properties in any of those subdivisions. If interested, contact the Global Team for information at 407.387.3030 or 1.800.280.9516.

Guests, whose travel plans are uncertain and find they are concerned regarding their accommodations, should visit http://www. GlobalResortHomes. com (http://www. GlobalResortHomes. com) for information and speak with a Global Vacation Home Specialist and mention code GlobalPremier to receive a substantial discount. "It is our goal to help people who may be a victim to this unfortunate situation. We certainly do not want our industry to get a bad reputation from this and just want to make sure that the homeowners and renters know they have somewhere to turn to help," said Robyn Bouchard, Vice-President.

Russ Kraft, General Manager for Global Resort Homes called Premier Vacation Homes in an effort to discuss ways to help all involved. "We are still waiting on a response from them," said Kraft. "We certainly do not want to see this type of thing happening to anyone and will do what we can to help."

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Open Travel Releases A List Of Top 10 Attractions And Things To Do In New York

Open Travel Releases A List Of Top 10 Attractions And Things To Do In New York

Following some research into the preferences and opinions posted by users of various social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as own resources and reviews by the most popular travel sites, Open Travel has compiled a list of Top 10 Tourist Attractions of New York.

Rybnik, Poland (PRWEB) October 30, 2009

The editors of Open Travel have compiled a list of Top 10 Tourist Attractions in New York based on the preferences and opinions posted by users of various social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as reviews by the most popular travel sites and votes by Open Travel users.

The list of top 10 things to do in New York (http://opentravel. com/Things-To-Do-In-New-York-City-United-States-Attractions (http://opentravel. com/Things-To-Do-In-New-York-City-United-States-Attractions)) tends to show the city's versatility and present it not only as a place to have fun and do business, but also a splendid location to trace back historic events, relax, and indulge in artistic creation. Certainly, the much loved Statue of Liberty and Central Park top the list (second and third place respectively), but the unquestionable dominance of Broadway might mean that the good old New York New York still conjures a tune.

There's this homely quality to New York that you are likely to discover as you tick off the items on the list. It is huge and noisy, but on no account hostile and alienating. It is a place where you can be yourself, pursue your passions, and make your dreams come true. After all, "New York, New York, is a helluva town."

About OpenTravel. com
Open Travel is a travel photo sharing, blogging and travel guide site, created for people who travel and need an ultimate place to share their trips. The company helps people to plan their trips, communicate with other travelers and keep their travel memories in a well thought out, impressive way. The website is supported by the European Union as an innovative enterprise oriented on whoever feels themselves a voyager. Visit us at http://opentravel. com (http://opentravel. com)

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